Saving Money While Planning Your Wedding

This is such an exciting time in your life! You are getting married, and planning the wedding is a very special thing to be a part of. You want everything to come out perfectly, and hey, if you can have a cheap wedding, why not?

After all, you’re hoping to only go through this once in your life but a lower price is always better than a higher one! Many people who plan their own wedding make several different mistakes, and the goal of this article is to help you avoid those mistakes. You will have the perfect wedding and save money at the same time.

Getting a Quote –

Next time you call to get a quote for a caterer, band, florist or some other vendor, don’t tell them that you are calling for a wedding. When these places hear the word ‘wedding,’ they go into expensive mode.

Just that word sends their normal prices up sky high. Rather, tell them that you are calling about a celebration or event. You’re not lying to them, and you will almost always get a lower quote that will help with a cheap wedding.

Know What You Want –

When you walk into a tuxedo shop or specialty bakery not knowing what you want, you can run into problems. You leave the salesperson open to try and sell you the most expensive tuxedo or cake that you can buy, and this is a lot harder to escape than you think.

In fact, if this happens, you may have to kiss that cheap wedding goodbye. However, having a clear picture of what you want will allow you to ask for specifics and get the greatest deal that is possible.

Think about the flavor, color, size and style that you want before you ever go into the bakery. Do the same for everything else that you want to purchase.

Make Larger Purchases First –

Imagine purchasing the dress, flowers, band and other decorations to go along with your perfect beach-side gazebo location. You are imagining just how gorgeous it will be when you find out that the location is no longer available.

Your heart sinks! This is why you should make the larger purchases first and then purchase the ‘trimmings’ later. Make sure that you have your location selected and booked, then the perfect dress and so on.

This way, you won’t get stuck with Victorian wedding accessories when you’re getting married in a completely different type of location. If you end up having to purchase new accessories or book a new location, your cheap wedding will be out the window.

Ask About Hidden Fees –

When you speak to a vendor about what you want for your wedding and you make a deal, ask about hidden fees. Make sure to try and get everything in writing. This will keep you from looking at the bills later and wondering what in the world made their quoted price go up three hundred dollars!

So much for a cheap wedding! Many of these vendors will have a ‘transportation’ fee or some other way to tack on extra money. Ask them straight out if the quoted price is what you will be paying.

Utilizing these tips will help keep the cost of your wedding down and your spirits high. Hey, who wants to be grumpy at their honeymoon?

(Photo by Zoriana Stakhniv on Unsplash)

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