Planning a Wedding in Under Six Months

Weddings take a lot of planning. Although I do not have experience planning and putting on a large wedding, I did manage to pull off my wedding planning in five months.

If she can do it in 3 – you can do it in 6:

Start with an idea

I’m sure 90% of all newly engaged women have some sort of idea in their head where they want their wedding to be and how much they are able to spend on it. Almost all brides will be told by their fiancé around how much they want to spend, or leave it up to them.

Either way most grooms will leave all the planning to their bride with minimal input. Taking all this into consideration the bride must start with an idea and write it down.

The idea of your budget, the idea of where you want your reception and ceremony, your dress, the number of people, etc…All need to be written down as soon as possible so that you can start contacting everyone that is going to be involved.

Your dress

Go dress shopping right away, especially if you have no idea what style dress you want. You will probably go through at least two fittings – one at the beginning to determine if what you are buying fits and another when the wedding date gets close to accommodate for any changes your body may have gone through.

You do not want to be stuck with a wedding dress that does not look beautiful and feel comfortable on you.

As much as possible minimize your vendors

The best thing I did that allowed for me to have plenty of time to focus on the details was hiring a caterer that took care of my reception decorations, food, bar, flowers, cake and music.

Not only did she give me an excellent deal because I did everything through her but I only had to meet with her twice to discuss initially what I wanted and then to finalize what she had come up with.

Come my wedding day I did not have to worry about any decorations and the food and cake were set up perfectly. In the meantime I was able to focus on the ceremony site and efficient as well as my other events (like the bridal shower and bachelorette party) that took place in the months preceding the wedding.

Get help and choose your wedding party carefully

My wedding party was very small. I only had three bridesmaids, one being my maid of honor. From the time of my engagement to my actual wedding day three of my bridesmaids dropped out and I added one that initially hadn’t been there.

My biggest help was from my maid of honor that took care of absolutely everything that she could with approval from me.

Choose your bridesmaids – and especially your maid of honor – carefully. These will be the girls you depend on for a lot, especially if you are trying to do this much in such a short amount of time. In addition to this any family members that are willing to help, most importantly your mom, utilize as much as you can. You will be grateful for it later.

There are many other things to think about when planning your wedding. Although I cannot list them all here these were the top things that helped me with a smaller budget and shorter time. Hopefully these will give you some idea with what to expect and what to start with.

(Guest Post by Meredith – Thanks for stopping by!)

(Photo by Wu Jianxiong on Unsplash)

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