Meet the 2015 team!

Each year, we have been so lucky to add several interns to our team. This year is no different. We have 2 returning (amazing) team members and are very excited to add a brand new one as well. I’ve asked them to tell you a bit about themselves…enjoy reading about these up and coming event stars!



My name is Mackenzie Ruebling and I am a sophomore at the University of Arkansas. I became a part of the Details team in February of 2014 and have loved every minute since. Working with Pam and Amy has helped me grow as an event intern and as an aspiring Event Planner. During my time with Details, I have seen the two of them execute simple yet beautiful, and extravagant yet intimate weddings. They have opened my eyes to the Weddings and Events World and I haven’t looked back since.

I have an eye for detail and a passion about the wedding industry. Working in the industry has taught me a lot of things: you have to be prepared and on your toes, you have to think outside the box—which I love, and you have to be on your “A” game 100% of the time.

I think Weddings and Events is a glamorous industry, always throwing you curve balls, this is why I was so drawn to this business. At Details, my experiences have been new and different with every wedding and event I have worked. Every event, my eyes are opened to something new and exciting—this is why I love what I do.



Hi! My name is Annakate Warinner and I am a Senior Pi Phi at the University of Arkansas.

I will graduate in May with a B.S. of Human Nutrition, Food, and Hospitality, concentration in Hospitality Management, and minors of General Business and Marketing. Going into the field of Hospitality, I knew my opportunities and career choices to help others were endless. However, events caught my eye right away! And, what is the most important event of a woman’s life? Her wedding! So naturally, being a girl myself, and yes, picturing my special day at least a thousand different ways since age 6, I am leaning towards one day becoming a Wedding Coordinator.

Working with Pam and Amy of Weddings by Details has given me a glimpse of what all goes into planning a bride’s special day. Watching it all come together the day of is truly special, both for the bride and myself! Pam and Amy expect nothing but clean lines, straight rows, and orderly day of coordination. I have learned a lot from both of them in the short time we have worked together, and I hope to learn much more in the months to come!

I currently work for Eventures Party Rentals in Fayetteville and learn something new about events everyday. Since I’ve started working there, I have met coordinators, brides, mothers of brides, and events coordinators from major companies who come in to pick out rentals for their events. I am able to help them pick out items to achieve their ideas of how they see their event. It’s a job that I enjoy and hope to take a lot away from! When I am not working or going to class, I enjoy hanging with friends, catching up on the latest and greatest TV shows, or reading a good book.

I don’t know what the future holds and graduation is fast approaching! I’m glad I have the knowledge I have learned throughout my four years at the U of A, working with Pam and Amy, and working at Eventures to fall back on. One day I hope to become a wedding coordinator who helps brides fulfill their life long dream of their perfect wedding day!



Hello Everyone!

My name is Andi Casillas and I’ll be the newest intern this summer at Details Weddings & Events!

Who am I? Well, I’m glad you asked! Let me break it down for you real quick:

* Originally from Memphis, TN

* 21 years old

* Junior at the U of A studying Apparel Merchandising & Product Development

* Currently obsessed with my new puppy Dakota

* Avid donut eater

* Love absolutely anything to do with fashion

* Hog Caller

So what is this all about….

I am about as girly as a girl can get. Thus, I have dreamed of my wedding since I was a little girl. When the opportunity arose for me to intern with Details Weddings & Events, I was thrilled.

I am a people person. I love helping, talking, loving, and just doing life with people. It’s part of who I am. And isn’t that what weddings are all about? It’s a time for love to be shown and present, along with all of your closest friends and family to celebrate a huge event in your life. This is what I’m all about and why I can’t wait to start my internship with Details and be a part of the journey of helping brides’ vision and special day come to life.

As a girl who’s a dreamer, weddings are my fairytale. They are magical and such a beautiful thing to be a part of. One of my favorite pastimes is my Pinterest Wedding Board, that thing keeps my heart dreaming of the day I can walk down the aisle. Until then, I’ll be on the team with Details Weddings & Events making other brides’ dream come true!

I cannot wait for this journey to start!!

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