How to Prepare Your Wedding Guest List

Picking out who comes too your wedding can cause some fights if you are not careful, what needs to be remembered is that it is your wedding.

All that matters is that you and your husband get what you want at your wedding. Here are a number of ways to make this happen.

Here are tips from the champion duet at Weddings by Details:

Set a number

When you begin picking out places and menus, you first need to have an exact number on how many people you want to have coming to your wedding. You and your soon to be need to sit down and write out a list on how many each of you want to have attend.

Once you set a number neither of you can budge on it. You can create a second list for those who don’t make the cut on the first list.

Don’t feel obligated

Don’t fall into the trap of if you invite this person, you have to invite the other. You need to only invite whom you want to see you walk down the aisle. It all depends on what you and your fiancĂ© want, if you want only adults, make that perfectly clear to everyone else that they need to find a sitter or not come at all.

Friends invited

Don’t worry about friends you have not spoken to in a long time, if its been six months or more since you have spoken then don’t bother. I am sure they will understand next time you guys do speak.

If you have a budget that allows for everyone and then some, then you can go ahead and invite them, otherwise just keep it too people close too you.


When you send out the invites and RSVP cards make sure to address them for just the people invited. Too make sure that nobody tries to add anyone else to the list make sure to fill in the number of people coming for them. It may seem cruel, but you are on a budget and you can only have so many people.

This means if you have a large amount of aunts and uncles and if they have many kids who might have kids themselves. Don’t feel obligated to invite them all, keep it all too the people you want there, or if you want them all but cannot afford them all try just inviting just the aunts and uncles.

Keep it personal

There is no need to invite all your co-workers and bosses unless you guys are good friends. This is not a business meeting, it’s a personal affair and they should understand that. If they don’t then oh well.

Keep in mind that after you send out the invites that many might not be able to make it, this is where your second list of people comes into play.

You can now send out invites for the second round of people. Inviting the wrong people can actually make your wedding a bad time. Remember that this is your day, and don’t let anyone forget that.

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