How to Clean Your Wedding Dress

A wedding gown is the center piece of any professionally prepared wedding, and it needs to be taken care of. As we all know white stains very easily, but what we don’t all know is how to remove the stains. Wedding gowns are made out of an array of different fabric and each needs to be treated differently.

Water can stain, bleach burns certain fabrics, some cleaners may leave spots, so what are you to do? Above all else, be extremely careful when trying on your wedding gown multiple times for fittings or to show it off to your friends. Just like all other things in life, you never know what will happen.

You may think that spilling water on your dress is no big deal, but it is. Even the finest bottled water will stain the fabric. I cannot stress this enough, never use a hair dryer to speed up drying time. This will actually cause the water to spread out and make the spot bigger.

Quickly blot the spot with a clean towel to soak up the moisture then let it air dry. If the spot is still noticeable use a steamer on the dress to pull the water mark from the dress.

Whether you are at a fitting or at your wedding, there will be pens present and you will have to use them while in your dress. Watch for young children that may have taken off with the guest book pen and brush up against your dress.

Things like this can lead to a tiny or a huge ink spot. Ink spots seem harder to get out than they really are. Simply spray some maximum hold hair spray, either the pump or the aerosol will work, and rub the spot with a clean cloth.

Food stains are very normal occurrence at any wedding. If you happen to drop any greasy food on your gown generously apply corn starch to the stain. This will absorb any fluids and make it easier for the stain to come out with a damp cloth.

Torn or ripped fabric can happen in a variety of ways. No matter if you stepped on your own gown, or your new husband did, a safety pin will be your savior this time. This also works if your bustle has broken in anyway.

The biggest problem you will encounter on your wedding day will be your makeup. If you happen to get makeup on your dress don’t worry. Apply club soda to the spot and dab it with a clean cloth. If the spot is still noticeable after it has dried repeat the process.

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