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Are you looking for types of blue flowers to add to your wedding theme? This year one of the hottest colors for weddings is blue.

The 3 top shades of blue that most brides are choosing are aqua, navy, and baby blue, but how do you choose blue flowers that match?

Are there any blue flowers that will go with a blue wedding theme? Yes, you have all sorts of blue flowers to choose from like Tulips, Morning Glory, Hydrangea, Delphinium and even Hibiscus.

If you want to be more creative, add different shades of purple, green, yellow, and even orange to the mix of blue flowers. This will make your wedding flowers really stand out. You can also go with white flowers, which I had for my wedding, and made a pretty statement as well.

Where can I find blue flower pictures online to get an idea for my wedding?

If you go to the Columbia Florist there you will see blue wedding flower ideas for cakes, bouquets, boutonnieres, church d├ęcor, reception, corsages, center pieces, and bridal party.

The pictures on this website are so bold, vivid, bright, and beautiful. You can really see exactly how the blue wedding flower of choice will look at your wedding.

Where else can I get ideas for blue flowers for my wedding? You can look through wedding magazines, garden books, go to your local florists, craft store, watching weddings on television, or you can go to a photography shop and ask to look through some of their wedding albums.

What are some other blue flowers I can use for my wedding besides Tulips, Morning Glory, Hydrangea, Delphinium, and Hibiscus? You can use Monkshood, Veronica, Sweet Pea, Roses, Butterfly Bush, Cornflowers, and Periwinkles. If you’re adding purple flowers choose purple roses, Iris, Calla Lily, Tulip, or Delphinium.

If you are not sure on which type of color to choose check out a color wheel. This flower color wheel is very similar to a hair color wheel. Click on the color of flower. Then it will give you a huge variety of flowers that will coordinate with your wedding color scheme.

You can find a wedding color wheel here.

The meaning for blue flowers can mean love, loyalty, unity, tranquility, and even peace.

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