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We are a full service event company serving the New York, Connecticut and New Jersey. Formerly serving the great state of Arkansas, we have moved to the Tri-State, New York area.

For every event we handle the design, planning, and coordination to ensure your day goes as smoothly as possible.

Weddings are our first love and passion.


Lush, beautiful Southern weddings thrill us to pieces and we want to help you create one that is unique to your personal style.

Being engaged is such an exciting time and we want to help ensure you pass through it with as little stress as possible. Thus, we take care of everything from aiding in venue selection to managing your budget and setting up and tearing down your event.

Harriet and Jenny, Details’ two senior coordinators, have been planning weddings since 2007. By letting them take on the bulk of the ‘work’ in your wedding, you are freeing not only yourself, but your family and friends, of wedding day stress.

Enjoy your time with friends and family and let us make everything happen perfectly from behind the scenes.

Reviews from our past clients

“I cannot say enough good things about our experience working with Harriet and Jenny. Their creativity, organization, and attention to detail enabled my fiance, family, and I to relax and enjoy the wedding planning process! They are committed to ensuring that their clients receive high quality, personalized events.

We were continuously impressed by their excellent communication skills, their professionalism, their flexibility, and their enthusiasm! They take time to engage their clients, understand their desires, and to help orchestrate them!

As I already mentioned, Jenny and Harriet were able to make the entire wedding planning process exciting, enjoyable, and easy, despite the fact that the bride lived 2 time zones away!” – Kait 2013 Bride







“I cannot say enough great things about this fabulous Mother/Daughter wedding-planning duo. Jenny and Harriet are beyond exceptional. They truly helped us create our dream wedding.

I remember walking into our reception on the big day and my eyes filled up with tears. I was blown away by all of the little details and touches that Harriet and Jenny brought to life. It was better than I could possibly have imagined. Throughout the planning process they were on top of EVERYTHING.

They hired the best video production in New York, the right catering, selected the best officiant, and made the whole process seamless!

They are open-minded, creative, organized, highly knowledge in their field, and one-hundred-percent reliable. They have the remarkable ability of guiding you every step of the way, offering suggestions and ideas, while always leaving the final decisions up to you.

Their only agenda is to help you create the wedding of your dreams. The actual weekend of the wedding went by as smooth as silk, with not one bump in the road. My husband and I were able to relax and soak up all of the love.

All of my friends and family have told me repeatedly that it was the best wedding they have ever been too, and that the little details were truly what made it so unique and special. I will be forever grateful to Harriet and Jenny for all of their excellent services.” – Alie, 2011 Bride

“Working with Harriet and Jenny was a wonderful experience. They listened closely to our ideas and desires and helped us make them into a reality. I appreciated very much their guidance on the best catering the city has to offer, and we were very pleased with each one.

Both Harriet and Jenny also had wonderful ideas that enhanced our own. I also really appreciated their willingness and ability to work with our daughter, the bride, who lived out of state. Everything went very smoothly on the day of the wedding, and my husband and I (parents of the bride) were able to simply enjoy every moment.

I would heartily recommend them to anyone wanting help with planning a lovely wedding!” – Rebecca 2018 Mother of the Bride


“Working with Harriet and Jenny was the BEST experience! From the very beginning, my mom and I said repeatedly that hiring them was the best money spent for my wedding. I had always dreamed of my wedding and to see them make my dream come true was amazing.

They helped me secure an amazing Brooklyn space for my 200 guests. Simply awesome!

They worked so hard to make every single detail perfect. If you aren’t sure about if you need a planner, you do!! Harriet and Jenny were very knowledgeable and helped us hire a great team of vendors.

Our day went perfectly and we were able to enjoy our big day knowing that everything was taken care of. Everyone is still talking about our wedding!” – Page 2013 Bride



“Details Weddings and Events was the best decision we made about our wedding. They kept us organized throughout the entire planning process, had wonderful vendor recommendations and connections, and they allowed us to enjoy the wedding weekend without stress.

Working with Harriet and Jenny was a wonderful experience and we enjoyed every minute of our perfect wedding weekend!” – Kelly 2016 Bride



“Harriet and Jenny were an absolute joy to work with and made our wedding day the best day of our lives. I am a full time student and also work roughly thirty hours a week, so the idea of planning our wedding all by myself was a little overwhelming… and scary.

After our initial meeting with Harriet and Jenny I knew, without a doubt, that they were going to do everything that they could to help our special day go off without a hitch- and that they did! Everyone is still talking about how much fun that they had at our wedding and how smoothly everything went.

I must say that I owe all of the credit to these two wonderful ladies. If you are looking for a dedicated, professional, and responsive team that can help you with everything from picking out your perfect dress to coordinating everything on your wedding day, then Details is who you want to help you plan your special event!

I am so very thankful that we hired them. They are two of the sweetest ladies that I know!”  – Courtney 2017 Bride



“Harriet and Jenny were so amazing since the day we met! I looked through some photos of previous weddings they had done and brought a few ideas of my own and we created a beautiful wedding. I loved each and every detail that they remembered!

They even laughed with us along the way as we went through the ups and downs of wedding planning. They worked with my hectic schedule as I began a new job, and I know that my mother was so relieved to have them!

I would recommend Harriet and Jenny’s services to any bride who isn’t sure where to get started–they are affordable, detail oriented, and so so fun!” – Jordan, 2012 Bride


“Last August my daughter became engaged and suggested we hire a wedding planner. I discouraged the idea and said a wedding planner was a luxury we didn’t need.

She wanted me to relax and enjoy her wedding day, so she hired the planners and paid them herself. She was so right and I was so wrong. Harriet and Jenny helped make the wedding planning, wedding, and reception an enjoyable experience.

I didn’t even see the reception venue until we walked into the reception and it was beautiful. The wedding and reception were everything my daughter and her fiance wanted, and I was able to enjoy every minute rather than being exhausted from doing all the work or dealing with last minute crises.

Details Weddings and Events are priceless!” – Jana, 2015 Mother of the Bride

“The decision to use Details Weddings and Events was the best decision of all that we made! Details Wedding and Events were fantastic in every aspect of the planning, bridal pictures, wedding, reception – they were exceptional! I would encourage anyone that is planning a wedding to call Details and talk to them about their services.

At the beginning of the wedding planning process for my daughter I thought that the expense of a wedding planner would be too expensive – Details saved us more time and money than their cost! As the father of the bride – they made my life so easy!

Harriet and Jenny are professional, timely, detailed, punctual – FANTASTIC! I would recommend them to any father of the bride – they will make your life easier through the entire process!!” – Randy, 2017 Father of the Bride

Wedding Tip of the Day!

A wedding is a special day. From picking a beautiful wedding dress, to finding the perfect location, there is a lot to do before the big day. While, technically, it is your day, there is wedding etiquette for brides.

The following tips will show you how to be a good bride.

Be Gracious

Realize that many people are taking work off, making travel arrangements and spending money to be at your wedding. Thus, be appreciative of their efforts. In addition, don’t get angry if you plan your wedding rehearsal on a Thursday and everyone can’t make it. In general, don’t be a demanding bride and everyone will be happier.

Picking out Bridesmaid Dresses

Sure, that Vera Wang bridesmaid’s dress looks beautiful. However, the $350.00 price tag may not be feasible for your bridesmaids. Thus, pick another dress or offer to pay for it yourself. Also, when going to pick out bridesmaid dresses, be considerate of your bridesmaids’ body type. Don’t force your pregnant bridesmaid friend to wear a strapless mini dress and four inch heels.

A nice idea to let bridesmaids feel comfortable is to pick a certain color and store, yet give bridesmaids the option of picking out their own style.

This allows everyone to match but allows the bridesmaids to feel happy and comfortable. Another option is to pick a style that is flattering for everyone, like a full skirt and cap sleeves. Finally, take your bridesmaids out to lunch. It’s a nice way to say thank you.


It’s likely that many people will be coming from out of town to your wedding. Thus, give them some suggestions on several hotels in different price ranges. Even better, set up what is called a discounted block of rooms. Another option is to set up a wedding website and have several hotel recommendations and phone numbers listed on it.

As for your bridesmaids, it is important to provide lodging for them. During my wedding, I allowed bridesmaids to stay at my “future” home. Yet, I discovered that having to prepare for houseguests was not the best idea with all of the other last minute details I had to take care of. Thus, if you can afford it, it is better to put your bridesmaids up in a hotel room.


Typically, it is not polite to ask for cash only gifts on an invitation. However, it’s okay for a few close family members or friends to spread around this “rumor’ if asked. Secondly, proper wedding etiquette says that it is best to tell people on your bridal shower invitation where you are registered, rather on the wedding invitation itself.

Generally, it’s nice to get your bridesmaids a token of thanks. Buying them a necklace, earrings or other jewelry to wear to the wedding is a fine idea. Another nice gesture is a gift basket with bath products and candles. Finally, springing for manicures and pedicures before the wedding is an excellent gift and a fun way to celebrate.

I also think it’s a good idea to get your future mother in law a gift. It’s best to forge a good mother in law-daughter in law relationship as soon as possible. Finally, get your parents a nice gift certificate to a restaurant or a personalized photo album. After all, they are the ones who raised you and also probably forked out a lot of money for your special day.


Have a variety of food options available for guest. Having some vegetarian options is a nice idea. Also, although you might like fancy food like caviar or pate, not all of your guests will. Thus, have appetizing food in a wide variety of styles. If kids will be at the wedding, consider getting a kid friendly food like chicken tenders or other finger foods.

Having a variety of food like salad, a vegetarian pasta dish, a protein dish like chicken piccatta and a vegetable side will keep most people happy. Hot rolls and fresh fruit go a long way too. A little edible favor at each guest’s dinner seat is a nice touch also.

Say Thank You

Sending out thank you cards is an easy and simple way to let guests know you received their gifts. More importantly, it allows the bride (and groom) to send a personal note about the gift and, if applicable, their appreciation of the guests’ attendance. Sometimes, the reception flies by so quickly that it is hard to talk to each and every guest for a long period of time.

For more wedding tips for both bride and groom, check out our blog!

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